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Family Work Weekend

Last weekend I got to go over to Vancouver Island for “Family Work Weekend” at Camp Qwanoes.  Having gone last year, I was pretty excited for the trip, and the weekend did not disappoint!  We had a great weekend of fellowship, fun, work and laughter.  Not to mention getting to spend the majority of the weekend outside, enjoying the beauty of the island!  My camera recently broke, so I wasn’t able to take any photos but, luckily for me, two of the girls that went with us took more than enough to make up!  Here are a few of my favorites:

waiting to board the ferry:

almost there!

getting on the buses at the ferry terminal to drive out to the camp

the “back of the bus gang” haha

so happy to finally be here after 6 hours of buses, trains and boats!

each “family” has their picture taken and makes a sign to hang up, so this was ours:

i had so much fun with these girls!

our little cabin in the woods:

standing at the bottom of the 93 stairs we climbed every time we came up from our cabin to the main area of the camp.  talk about a good workout!

just being silly while waiting for our job assignments

the girls and i were part of a team that stained the outside of a new washroom that is being built.  i did the same thing last year and our group got to use those washrooms this year!

snack time!

finished product!

the camp is located on the shore of the island and you can see water from most places.  it is so unbelievably gorgeous!  i was in awe most of the weekend of the creativity of our God!

we had a time of worship around the campfire saturday evening

i was a little sleepy sunday morning and had a little nap after breakfast.  haha!

a pile of point ladies! (it was really cold and we were trying to stay warm!)

family photo before we left to head back to the mainland!

such a great weekend!  can’t wait to go back!


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