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hello?  anyone still there? *tap* *tap* is this thing on?

it’s been a ridiculously long time since i’ve blogged anything and i would offer an excuse and promise to update more frequently, but the sad truth is, i probably won’t.  life is good.  busy.  but good.  the past few months have been full of friends, family, a boyfriend, olympics, finishing a round of ULI, starting with another group, moving (to the apartment next door) and lots more.

i’m going to do my best to post some pics by event/category (ie – olympics, visit from laura, etc) but probably won’t put captions on many of them.  i’ll also do my best to get them in chronological order.  be forewarned – this will be a looooooooong post!


late-night-all-you-can-eat-sushi after church, class pictures, bowling with ULI friends, church retreat to bowen island and hanging out after church.


olympics, olympics and more olympics!  first, the torch relay, then the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony (no cameras allowed, just a pic of me on my way out the door!), BC place, the torch, a day trip to bowen island, visit from dad, two trips to Grouse mountain for the Today Show, a visit from my friend Dawn, Valentine’s Day tulips, lots of famous people on the today show and watching the gold medal hockey game with a bunch of candians!


a visit from Laura, stanley park, granville island, the paralympics opening ceremony and curling match, IKEA, enormous gelatto shop,


dyeing easter eggs with Jeanie, easter festival at church, and cherry blossoms.


church picnic, granville island with laura and candice.

hope that wasn’t too hard to follow.  it wouldn’t let me separate the photos.  also, sorry for the non-rotated pics.  you can click on any of the photos to see them larger.  thanks for reading!


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