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hello all!  once again, i’m sorry it’s been so long since i’ve updated.  life has been crazy, but great the past few months and somehow blogging about it all has fallen completely off my radar screen!  i will update with Project 365 pics soon, but for now, i’ll just give you a brief update:

my sisters were here for a week to explore vancouver and celebrate Thanksgiving with me.  we packed as much as we possibly could into a week and had an absolute blast.  i hadn’t seen either of them since the beginning of this year, so it was great to be reunited!  i’m already looking forward to my trip to Ohio in a few weeks.  it will be so good to have our family all together for a bit!

our second group of ULI participants are doing well.  this round has not been without its hiccups, but it has been really good.  i’ve enjoyed getting to know our TCKs and their parents, and i am constantly reminded of how blessed i am to work with the ULI team and be a part of all of this.  God is so good.

i was recently invited to an imb retreat in Istanbul this spring.  having never traveled outside of the americas, i am really excited!  i don’t know many details yet, but will try to remember to keep you posted.

i’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pics from last week with my sisters.  hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Christmas season!

late night, all you can eat, sushi after church sunday night:

in stanley park on monday:

cold and wet, with my friend Candice, downtown monday afternoon:

at squamish/shannon falls on the way to whistler on tuesday:

in the olympic store in whistler on tuesday:

with the olympic mascots:

mal and i with the pumpkin cheesecake on thursday:

em and i with an unamused izzy on friday while putting up christmas decorations:

an exhausted izzy on friday night:


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