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alrighty folks, it’s been a few weeks (sorry about that!), so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do!  sorry for the delay.  here we go:

may 17 – i got some new sandals and am super excited.  so glad that sandal weather is finally here!


may 18 – i also got this fun new jacket.  i love bright colors!  (sorry, i couldn’t figure out how to rotate the pic once i uploaded and forgot to do it before!)


may 19 – i hosted our team meeting this morning and made monkey bread.  this was what was left.  it was a HUGE hit!


may 20 – izzy loves her new bone so much she sleeps on it!


may 22 – sweet potato fries are quickly becoming one of my new favorite foods!


may 24 – izzy made her first trip to the beach!  one of my new friends from the dog park asked if i wanted to go with her and her dog and, of course, i said yes!


may 25 – we’ve been having school in a church basement (the adults were having their sessions upstairs) and the kids have been a bit crazy, so i taught them jumping jacks.  they love it!


may 26 – i met these ladies at the dog park and we quickly became friends.  tonight we went to a pizza place that serves pretty good tacos (it’s owned by mexicans).  i loved it!


may 27 – we had a big cookout with our participants to celebrate all that God has done since they arrived.


may 28 – we took a field trip to the IMAX theater.  it was so much fun!


may 29 – back to the beach (a different one) with my friend, jeanne, and her dog, Goguma (Korean for sweet potato).


may 30 – jeanne lives in my building and loaned me a couple of eggs.  i know it might sound silly, but i am so thankful for a close friend that i can ask for an egg at 10:00 at night!


may 31 – jeanne made some korean dishes for me and the other “dog park ladies” (Lalaine and Anita) and we went to Lalaine’s house to eat.  it was my first time to try squid.  i doubt i’ll try it again by choice!


june 1 – the kids were excited to start on their “graffiti wall” at the resource center


june 2 – “please mom, can we go to the park??”


june 3 – it’s SO HOT this week!  i made some iced coffee and it really hit the spot!


june 4 – this was taken a few minutes after 10 pm.  do you see how bright it still is??  the days are getting verrrrry looooong!  it’s getting light at 4:30 am and dark after 10 pm!


june 5 – i headed out with my church to Vancouver Island for the weekend to help get a camp ready for the summer.  it was a 2 hour ferry ride, then a 45 min. bus ride and worth every minute!


june 6 – Candice and Nastenka after spending the day staining a new building.  it was a long day of hard work, but lots of fun!


june 7 – if you click on the picture, you should be able to see them better, but there are two bald eagles soaring over the camp.  it was a great way to end our time there.  i also got to see dolphins and seals on the ferry ride back!


june 8 – izzy is a crazy sleeper


june 9 – Goguma spend the evening with us.  izzy didn’t mind!


june 10 – i made a lemon cake for our team dinner.  it was a big hit!


june 11 – izzy has started hiding out in my closet while i get ready in the mornings.  crazy dog!  (please ignore the mess on the floor!)


june 12 – i took the remains of the lemon cake to the dog park ladies.  they loved it!  this is all that was left!


hopefully it won’t be quite as long before i update again, but you know how that goes.  thanks for looking!  have a fabulous weekend!


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