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i’m up to date on my pics and had them all loaded onto my computer from my camera, so i figured i’d go ahead and get them posted here.  i’ve honestly wondered if anyone really even ever looked at these, but i’ve heard from at least a small handful of you that you do, so i’ll keep posting them here.  🙂  on to the past week….

sunday – i saw this sign from the bus.  i have no idea what it was advertising, but the MEXICO stood out.  i’ve really been missing mexico lately.  the past 6 months have been crazy, but the dust has finally settled and i think i’m just now having a chance to really miss the life i had there.


monday – i LOVE tulips and have really been enjoying these that i picked up over the weekend.


tuesday – i don’t think i’ll every quit laughing at izzy’s crazy sleeping positions!


wednesday – we took our first field trip!  it only took one train, one boat, one bus and some (read: a lot!) of walking/hiking to get there, but we had a great time at the salmon hatchery and all the kids seemed to enjoy it!


thursday – i tried a new recipe from Pioneer Woman Cooks (i don’t have the exact link, but you should totally google her if you’re not familiar with her site) for some kind of lemony-creamy pasta.  it turned out pretty good and even looked kinda pretty!  (what can i say, i’m easily amused)


friday – some of the tulips were drooping, so i cut them off and stuck them in little vases on my windowsill.  i love them!


saturday – i’ve been meaning to make these little things for my bathroom wall for awhile and finally got around to doing it today.  i used some of my digital scrapbooking stuff and printed the pages out for some frames i bought awhile ago.  i really like how they turned out!


welp, that’s all folks.  hope you’re all doing well!


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simple pleasures

this is something i really should do more often, but tonight i thought of some of the little things that made me smile this afternoon/evening:

  • the sun coming out as i walked home this afternoon, after a long rainy day
  • showing up at the empty dog park and quickly being joined by some of our dog friends
  • a woman i’d never met walking a dog i knew, entering the dog park and immediately saying “oh, is this Izzy?  i’ve heard so much about her!”
  • an email from a friend thanking me for a card and telling me that it arrived at the perfect time 🙂
  • freshly painted toenails
  • turning my ipod on to an old playlist set to random and hearing two of my favorite songs in a row, followed by a “the circle of life” at full volume (added by my crazy sister, mallory)
  • a lovely bubble bath
  • a hot cup of vanilla roobios tea, warm socks and a sleeping puppy on my lap

what made you smile today?

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ok, so it’s officially been 4 stinkin weeks since i updates.  sorry about that!  life has been busy, but good.  hope you’re ready for some pictures, because i’ve got quite a few!  i’m not sure what’s up with the random, weird sizing, but uploading all 27 pictures and inserting them one by one took long enough as it is and i really don’t want to do it again, so oh well.  they are in order from April 12-today.  i’ve added a little bit of commentary, but not as much as usual.  enjoy!

got to see one of our families’ apartments…on the 27th floor!


all the handprints on our tree now


i’m officially in love with this tree.  i’ve never seen it before, but it’s AMAZING!


got a haircut


housesitting for Marsha – she doesn’t drink coffee, so i made a few stops at starbucks on the way to school that week!


this isn’t a great picture, but i am continually amazed at how beautiful the mountains are!


got izzy some new bowls.


finally got some plants for the house!


finally got rid of the terrible roots that were showing in my hair!


made yummy cupcakes for school




she’s settling in great!


cuddly as always!


went out to Squamish to see some gorgeous waterfalls.  izzy had so much fun playing in the streams!


she’s not spoiled at all…


the kids made a cute Thank You sign for the team that re-did the resource center


she loves sitting out on the balcony and watching everything


finally got to check out stanley park!


*imagine a cute picture of the kids with their thank you sign here*  (not posted for security reasons)

happened upon the Vancouver Film Studios while trying to find Walmart one afternoon.  i can’t even tell you how many random movie sets we’ve happened upon since i’ve been here.  it’s crazy!


izzy and i checked out the grand opening party of the dog park near my house (i forgot my camera, so i had to take this pic from my balcony after we got home)


i spent the morning passing out water at the Vancouver Marathon.


the cherry blossom trees are starting to drop their petals and everything is covered in pink!  izzy loves stickng her face in the petals.


first trip to a canadian vet.  not sure what happened, but izzy picked up an eye infection somewhere.  she’s looking better already!


my cousin sent me this amazing package the other day.  it was a complete surprise and so much fun!!


my favorite scrapbooking site (ScrapMatters) used my gallery for a challenge.  i was pretty excited!  (you can read more about it here)


i’ve definitely gotten *old* – i rarely stay up past 10:30 these days, but made an exception tonight.  i had dinner with some friends and wound up hanging out and not getting home until 11:30!  it’s a good thing i had some caffeine to keep me awake!


izzy and i have made several trips to the dog park recently and spent quite a bit of time there again today.  she loves playing with the other dogs!

there ya go folks!  the past 4 weeks in a nutshell.  click on the pics if you want to see them larger.  hope you’re all doing well!

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