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saturday night update

sunday – after church, a training session for some of our volunteers, a few errands and catching up with a friend, i watched the ACM awards on tv.  normally i’m not a big fan of awards shows, but this one was really fun!  there were lots of great performances and fun music that had me dancing around my apartment as i worked on various things while watching.  good times.   and a good thing i live alone.  🙂


monday – patti and i worked in the resource center most of the day.  unfortunately, as we tried to move this desk, i lost my grip and dropped it on my foot.  it’s not too sore now, but is still a lovely shade of yellow/blue/purple/green/brown!


tuesday – after another day of working in the resource room, i caught this view from my balcony.  what a beautiful way to end the day!


wednesday – ready or not, here they come!  we spent the day at the airport waiting for all of our participants to arrive.  hard to believe this day is actually here.


thursday – patti and i spent the day, once again, at the resource center.  we finished the “big stuff” and then moved on to the planning.  these gorgeous cherry blossoms are at the corner between my place and the resource center.  aren’t they wonderful?  they are in bloom all over the city and range from white to dark pink.  i just love them!


friday – today was our orientation session.  it was a long, but good day!


saturday – everything at the resource center is ready to go for our first day on Monday!



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weekly update

it seems this blog has morphed into a weekly [photo] update.   anyone have a problem with that?  good.  i didn’t think so.  🙂

sunday – i went to church downtown and passed a movie set on the way.  they were taking everything down, so we didnt’ see anything too exciting.


monday – we kicked off our week of moving/setting up furniture in all of the apartments.  we got really good with the IKEA furniture by the end of the week!


tuesday – we continued setting up furniture.  and setting up an entire apartment of IKEA stuff really generates a lot of cardboard.  a couple of the places didn’t have room for all of it, so we had to take it with us and unload it in the dumpsters at our own places


wednesday – patti and i took a day off from the furniture set up and worked on organizing the resource center.  we were both glad to finally get in there and start getting set up.


thursday – before working on setting up an apartment, i went out to the airport and took public transportation back to make sure there wasn’t anything we didn’t know about before our partcipants do it on wednesday.  i went at roughly the same time they’ll be going and even took a backpack and carry-on suitcase.  (this is a picture of the train station i got on at)


friday – we finished the last apartment!  woohoo!!  we would not have made it through the past few weeks without these two though.  meet bobby and reagan.  they’re from texas and are old friends of bill and frankie who came up for 3 weeks to help us with anything and everything.  they were such a blessing.


saturday – i headed over to the resource center this afternoon to paint a tree.  we plan to have the kids from each group of participants put their handprints on it.  i think it turned out ok and can’t wait to watch it “grow.”


it’s definitely been a busy few weeks, but very blessed.  the Lord has worked out all the details and allowed us to get more done than we could have ever imagined!

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