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two weeks!

oops, it’s been two weeks since i updated!  so much for a daily look at my life this year.  how bout a look at my daily life?  🙂  here’s what i’ve been up to:

sunday (3-15) : i took the train to church this evening.  i went up to one of the universities where a small church has been started on campus.  i really enjoyed getting to hang out with a group (near) my age.


monday – after working on setting up one of the apartments, i met up with a few team members and a group of volunteers who had just arrived and had fish and chips for the first time.  i forgot to take a pic, so i snapped this out the window of my apartment.  it’s the building with the triangle shaped roof on the left.


tuesday – i spent most of the day at the resource center helping paint.  it looks SO MUCH better than it did when we started.  i just wish we had some “before” pics!


wednesday – i painted again, but had a great surprise when i got home.  emily (my sister) had sent me a package with a few books and things that i left in ohio and it arrived that afternoon.  i had to walk down the hill to pick it up at the post office, but it was well worth the climb back up!  thanks em!


thursday – i got to head over to the mall this afternoon to pick up some gifts for our volunteers and while i was out i found this great sweatshirt/jacket and scarf.  i’d been looking for a scarf this color all winter and was absolutely thrilled to find one.  hey, it’s the little things, right??


friday – i helped pick up our first load of IKEA furniture for the participants’ housing.  among other things, we got 17 dining tables and 76 chairs!  that’s a lot of furniture!


saturday – i spent most of the day doing things around the house, but made a quick trip to IKEA in the afternoon and picked up a few things for myself.  i love this little set up of knobs to hang my coats on.


sunday was a GORGEOUS sunny day!  i headed up to the mountain for church on campus again and afterward, several of us grabbed subway for lunch and headed to one of the parks on campus.  it was still pretty chilly, but nice to enjoy the sun!


monday – i’ve been trying out some new recipes and this veggie rice pilaf was really yummy, not to mention colorful!


tuesday – check out my last post to understand this pic:


wednesday – patti and i checked out a few school supplies stores hoping to find everything we need to fill these shelves in the resource center.  we didn’t find much, but i did go out to dinner w/ her and ken for donairs (a separate post entirely) and dairy queen!


thursday – i helped unload a delivery of somewhere around 60 mattresses and box springs.  that’s a lot of beds!  but our participants will sleep well i hope.  🙂


friday – i spent the afternoon with patti and bobby (pictured here) and bill, putting together boxes of household items for each apartment.  it was quite an undertaking but we got it done!


emily sent me this picture of Izzy today.  it appears she’s doing pretty well there in ohio without me, but i sure am looking forward to having her here in a few weeks!



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several months ago i happened upon a blog and a story about a very sick baby, stellan, who had not yet been born at the time.  God did some amazing things, and stellan was born healthy.

while i haven’t followed the blog much at all, yesterday i happened upon it, only to hear that stellan is very, very sick once again.  for the latest on what is going on with him, please read MckMama’s blog and pray for stellan.  we serve a big God who has the power to heal this sick baby.  but even if He chooses not to, He is in control and loves us.

back before stellan was born, when the doctors had said he may never live outside the womb, MckMama hosted a little parade of his name, where different people all over the world who were praying for him sent in pictures of his name.  now that he is sick again, another blog is hosting this and i decided to play along by spelling out his name using some of my necklaces.  it may seem silly to some, but it’s just a small effort to remind MckMama that we’re praying for her family.

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this week

Sunday – I never made it to church because we had a freak snowstorm hit less than an hour before I was supposed to leave.  We only wound up with a couple of inches, but the busses where I was headed shut down, so I was glad I didn’t even attempt it!


Monday – I spent the majority of the day sitting at my desk working on a bunch of odds and ends of paperwork.  I got quite a bit accomplished and was glad to be able to knock out so many projects at once.


Tuesday – I ventured out on the Skytrain for the first time and checked out several properties.


Wednesday – We all met up for a team meeting, which wound up lasting well over 3 hours.  There is just so much to do between now and April 8!  I know we will get it all done, but it’s going to be a BUSY few weeks!


Thursday – After spending most of the day at home working on school stuff and looking for more properties, I ventured out to pick up some more furniture, this time for one of our families.  We have quite a few babies and preschoolers coming, so we need quite a few cribs!


Friday – I met up with a lady who does university ministry for lunch, then checked out the shopping center nearest my house.  I also hit up Walmart and Michaels and picked up some picture frames.  I got home fairly early and spent the evening working on this project: frames for my earrings!  I saw this idea online about a year ago and have wanted to make one for myself ever since.  I LOVE the final product!  I’m still looking for a full length mirror to hang between the frames.


Saturday – I spent today putting up picture frames, cleaning and finishing up putting this chair together.  It may not be perfect, but it’s functional enough and I’m just glad to have it together and out of the middle of my living room floor!  I also moved some boxes, my trunks/suitcases and other random things down into my storage locker in the parking garage.  It’s nice to have it all out of the way.  I’m starting to feel almost completely organized, though I’m not sure that will ever actually happen!


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…i’m missing this little girl:


i bought some picture frames today and have been sorting through a bunch of pictures.  if you followed my blog while i lived in mexico, you’re probably familiar with this sweet girl.  her name is karina and she is one of my favorite kids in all of mexico.

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this week…

Sunday – In the morning I went to a chinese baptist church (we went to the english service), then did a little bit of moving furniture Sunday afternoon.  I met up with Marsha in the evening and we hit up what is quickly becoming our favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  They have great chicken burgers and I just love their fries!


Monday – I did my first solo craigslist pickups.  I got a couple of great deals and saw new parts of the city – always a good thing!


Tuesday – I hit up craigslist appointments hardcore.  I think I had  6 or 7 appointments, but cancelled one.  I got the majority of my furniture that day and, once again, got some pretty amazing deals.  (don’t worry, I’ll post pics soon).  The biggest bummer of the day though, was that the GPS was NOT working all day long.  So I REALLY got to know the city!  🙂


Wednesday – I spent some time at my apartment going through the boxes of things that had been given to me.  It was mostly kitchen items and I greatly appreciated the fact that I now have a dishwasher!  It sure made washing all of that stuff a lot easier!


Thursday – I finally made it to IKEA!  Anyone who knows me well at all knows how much I love all things IKEA, so to get to go pick out all kinds of things for my new place was like a dream come true for me!  Honestly, it was a little overwhelming because I had so much to get, but I’m still so glad I got to do it.  I am so thankful to work for an organization that provides a furnished home for me, and even more thankful when I get to do the furnishing.  Thank you cooperative program!

This was also the first night I spent in my new apartment.  After 4 months of transition, I’m thrilled about finally getting settled!!


Friday – I did my big stock-the-pantry-buy-everything-try-not-to-forget-anything grocery shopping.  I know this doesn’t look like a whole lot, but trust me, my cart was FULL!


Saturday – Today I’ve spent the majority of the day here in my apartment, unpacking and trying to get organized.   I’m really enjoying the view, too!  Just look at what I can see from just about anywhere in my kitchen/dining room/living room:


the picture really doesn’t do it justice.  I just love being able to see the water and all the fun boats that go by.  Also, you can’t really tell, but there are train tracks and the rail for the skytrain down there.  So much life right outside my window!

Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out here most of the morning/afternoon once again.  The cable guy is supposed to be here sometime between 12 and 4, so I’ll *hopefully* finally have cable/internet (and my vonage phone!).  I’ve been able to pick up a decent wireless signal from somewhere in my building this weekend, but I’m looking forward to having my own.

Tomorrow evening I’m headed to church with some university workers here in the city.  It’s a service targeting 18-25 year olds and I’m excited to check it out.  It’ll also be my first public transit experience here.  I got my monthly pass today and can’t wait to get to use it!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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checking in

it’s been a busy few days and the coming week looks to be more of the same.   i picked up the keys to my new apartment tonight and even had a few pieces of furniture to put in it!  i’ll be hunting/shopping for more tomorrow and tuesday hopefully and plan to be all moved in sometime this week.  it’s all happening quickly and i’m very excited.  i figured i’d better go ahead and upload a few more pictures, so as not to be so behind when the dust settles!  i don’t have anything for today yet, but we still have a couple of hours to go here on the west coast.  😉  i visited a chinese baptist church this morning (we went to the english service) and wish i’d taken a picture there.  everyone was so friendly.  i’m not sure if i’ll get to go back or not, but i really enjoyed it.  we also stopped and had some great [authentic] chinese food for lunch at a place called “Hon’s House Of Noodles.”  it was my second visit there and every bit as wonderful today as it was last time.  hope everyone is doing well!

2/25 – i signed the lease on my new apartment!  yay!  i’m on the 4th floor on the back.


2/26 – i spent all day working on tracking down places for our families to live when they get here in april.


2/27 – after looking at some of the properties i tracked down yesterday, the sorrell’s and i headed to IKEA.  anyone who knows me well knows that i LOVE me some IKEA, even if i didn’t buy much.  🙂


2/28 – the sorrell’s have both been sick and i’m feeling the beginnings of something.  i’ve been taking zicam (or the target version anyway!) and my allergy medicines in hopes of not getting sick…we’ll see how it works!


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