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the longest post EVER

i’m back!  it has been a chaotic week to say the least, but great nonetheless.  i was finally able to get wordpress to cooperate and upload all of my pics.  so, here is (almost) a month’s worth of photos.  yikes!  i didn’t realize it had been quite that long!  sorry for the marathon.  🙂

jan. 24 – we received a box of my aunt’s famous peanut butter cups.  they’re about the size of a hockey puck and SO GOOD!  we devoured the entire box in less than a week.


jan. 25 – my mom, sisters and i hanging out in the kitchen after lunch


jan. 26 – i took up running…sort of.  it only lasted a couple of weeks and then i got tired of the freezing cold and snow.  then i started packing.  then i moved.  then i went to mexico.  i’m hoping to get back to it soon…


jan. 27 – my computer crashed.  it wouldn’t go past the desktop (with no icons).  not cool.


jan. 28 – mal spent quite a few days painting several canvases for emily and i.  i can’t wait to get them up on the walls in my new place (once i get a new place!)


jan. 29 – we went to olive garden on our last night all together.  we had a great time and, of course, wonderful food.


jan. 30 – since dad flew out to OK with Mal (he went to help clear out Em’s apartment and bring back some of her things), mom, em and i took advantage of a girls night and went to see “New in Town.”  it was super cute and we’re still quoting it.


jan. 31 – we tried a new recipe for a mexican casserole.  it turned out pretty good and we enjoyed the leftovers for a couple of days.


feb. 1 – edy’s ice cream was on sale and we went through severl cartons of it.  have any of you tried the loaded cookie dough or loaded mint brownie?  OH MY GOODNESS.  i really missed cookie dough and mint chocolate chip ice cream while i lived in mexico and i think i made up for 2 years in that one week that it was on sale.  and i don’t regret one bite!


feb. 2 – we decided we were just going to have to reformat the hard drive of my computer, so i started searching for the disks that came with my computer….


feb. 3 – after two moves, my disks were nowhere to be found.  dad recommended that i search through all of the boxes in the attic to see if i could find them.  i couldn’t.  but i did look through all of my boxes finally!  thankfully, dad also talked to a guy from church who has a computer business and was able to fix my computer.  yay!!


feb. 4 – chick-fil-a was offering free breakfast items all week, so i stopped  by after taking mom to school a couple of days.  YUM!


feb. 5 – after months and months of waiting, i received my medical clearance.  that meant i could finally book my travel to vancouver.  excited didn’t even begin to describe me.


feb. 6 – for the first time since i’d arrived in ohio, we ate at this mexican restaurant near my parents’ house.  turns out, the owners are from guadalajara and our waiter was from mexico city.  the food was pretty good, but my favorite part was the horchata (a sweet rice drink).  i just wish i’d gone sooner!


feb. 7 – we had some semi-“warm” weather and convinced dad to go outside and grill some steaks and ribs for dinner.  i’m starting to notice a theme in my pictures…interesting, i hadn’t noticed how many pics i took of food related things!  guess we know where my priorities are!


feb. 8 – the snow started to melt!  it had only been on the ground for a month!  we even had sunshine!


feb. 9 – em, dad and i went to the shooting range for awhile.  i hadn’t been since right after i got back to the states and really enjoyed it.  i just wish it was something i could do more often!


feb. 10 – i’m not sure why, but we watched part of the westminster dog show.  izzy went nuts when she saw the dogs!  she kept barking and running up to the tv with her tail wagging.  i think she really wanted to play with them all!


feb. 11 – happy birthday mom!  isn’t she beautiful?  i have an amazing mother (and father for that matter).


feb. 12 – along with the warm weather, we got a severe thunderstorm that wound up taking down quite a few power lines.  one of which happened to be in our front yard!  we were without power from a little before 7 am until 11 pm.  it was a long day of sitting at home in a cold, dark house while everyone else was at work/school.  we were VERY glad when it came back on!


feb. 13 – we went to carino’s for dinner and happened to run into mom and dad’s chiropracter who decided to jump into a pic with us.


feb. 14 – izzy had quite a cute valentine’s getup if i do say so myself.  you can’t see it here, but she had a pink collar to go with her bow and tshirt.  🙂


feb. 15 – i really hate packing!  i spent the majority of the day working on getting things organized and into 4 suitcases.  yuck.


feb. 16 – the packing is done.  yay!  i’m off to houston, then to vancouver.  mom, dad and em were all able to ride with me to the airport.  we got there plenty early and then hung out for awhile.


feb. 17 – my first day in vancouver.  i did some driving around with my teammate, marsha and went to a team meeting.  it’s a beautiful city and i always enjoy driving around and seeing different parts.


feb. 18 – while we were out, we came across a park with some beach.  i love getting to see water AND mountains!


feb. 19 – after being in vancouver only 2 days, i headed off to mexico city with the other ladies from all around canada, mexico and the carribean islands.


feb. 20 – i was thrilled to be back in mexico!!  my first meal was chilaquiles…my favorite breakfast food!


feb. 21 – several of us bought new silver rings at the market, so we took pictures of all of them together.  🙂


feb. 22 – it was great to get to see so many friends.  these are some of the guadalajara ladies


feb. 23 – back to vancouver it is.  i moved in with ken and patti when i got back so that i would be closer to where i’ll be apartment hunting.


feb. 24 – my first trip to the grocery store.  i was amazed at how many things you could buy in bulk.  they even had cookie mix!



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wordpress is not my friend

i have been trying for several days to post some new pictures, but for some reason, wordpress is not working with me.  i’ve got them uploaded and can see them in the “media library,” but every time i try to insert them into the post it stops.  it loads a blank page and says “done” when clearly it’s NOT done.  oh well.  i will try it from my computer when i get it back later tonight (did you catch that?  my computer is finally fixed and i’m getting it back tonight!  woooooo!).

in other exciting news, i finally got my medical clearance at the end of last week!  it’s been a long time coming, but i am so glad to finally be deemed healthy.  🙂  i also got my travel booked this morning.  i am leaving monday evening, flying through HOUSTON (not exactly the most direct route!) and arriving in Vancouver at midnight (3 am Eastern).  i have truly enjoyed my time with my family but am most thrilled to finally be going to Oh-Canada!  THEN, on Thursday (a mere 60 hours) after i arrive in Vancouver,  i will be leaving to fly to Mexico City for a region-wide ladies retreat.  not only will i get to be back in my beloved country of me-he-co, i will get to see several friends from Guadalajara and many from around the country.  on top of that, i also get to see a friend from Guatemala whom i have not seen since training.   add to that some great food, fun and shopping and it is sure to be a fabulous weekend!

hope everyone is doing well and having a great week.  i’ll do my best to get those pics up soon!

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