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i’m not sure what made me think that doing this whole “project 365” thing would actually make me post more frequently, but it’s definitely not!  i’m more than a week behind on posting pics.  oops!  i have, however, been taking my photo-a-day rather faithfully.  so, without further ado, here you are – a week (or more!) in my life…

thursday (jan. 15) – after taking my grandmother (i do have some pics somewhere to prove that she was actually here!) to the airport in Akron, we stopped at Best Buy to buy more memory for my computer.  yay!  it no longer runs at the speed of snail and i can have more than one application running without crashing.  woohoo!!


friday (jan 16) – yup, we still have 10 or 12 inches of snow and the lows have been around -8 at night.  it’s FREEZING!!  but we FINALLY saw the sun today!


saturday (jan 17) – my mom, sister (emily) and i went to clinique for free mini-facials and makeovers.  this was the first time i’d ever done anything like this and it was great!  and we all looked rather fabulous if i do say so myself.  🙂


sunday (jan 18) – church was cancelled due to flooding caused by a water line break.  our family enjoyed being home together most of the day.  dad drove my sisters and i to the grocery store (the roads were seriously icy) and we did our own version of “supermarket sweep.”  (anyone actually remember that show?  we LOVED it at our house!)  we started shopping like this when we had to do the grocery shopping for christmas dinner on dec. 23.  basically, the team leader (myself) divides the master list into 3 smaller lists based on general category (produce, dairy, canned goods, etc), each of us takes a list and we shop as fast as we can.  we may be dorks, but we have fun!  and we get the grocery shopping done for my mom in record time.  haha!


monday (jan 19) – there was a jon and kate plus 8 marathon on tlc and my sisters and i watched several hours worth.  good times.  and really, who doesn’t enjoy watching 8 smiling, happy children?  😉


tuesday (jan 20) – i decided it was time to start the sorting/packing process.  i don’t know that i really made much progress, but at least i started.  that counts, right?  i HATE packing and trying to figure out what to pack in 4 suitcases for 2-3 years seriously stresses me out.  i hyperventilate just typing about it!  i will get it done though….at least that’s what i keep telling myself!

(btw – it looks as if i’ll be leaving feb. 3)


wednesday (jan 21) – caught a glimpse of this gorgeous sunset out the front door of our house.  amazing, isn’t it?

(i actually have another pic for this day of some super cute baby clothes i bought for my “niece,” lindsey, but won’t post them until she actually gets them!  you can see her beautiful face at: http://duhdunks.blogspot.com)


thursday (jan 22) – my sisters and i went and saw “bride wars.”  it was so good!  hilarious and adorable.  a perfect romantic comedy.  and we all know i love me some romantic comedy.  🙂


friday (jan 23) – mallory wanted to get some photos of izzy playing in the snow, so we went to the park this afternoon.  she didn’t pose quite as well as we would have liked, but we got a few fun ones.  this one especially makes me laugh.  izzy can pull ridiculously hard and has come close to pulling me over more than once!


if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this marathon of photos i’m amazed.  congratulations!  you must really care about what i’m doing every day.  or you’re really bored.  either way, thanks for reading.  😉  for any of you who are interested, you can see what i’m doing with these photos at:  http://sassysimpsonsisters.wordpress.com


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…maybe that’s because my posts this fall were so few and far between!  project 365 is going to be great for my blogging habits!  i’m about a week behind, so i’ll be playing catch up tonight.  here we go:

friday (jan 9) – em and i went to youngstown state university to get her books and parking permit.  she recently decided to spend this semester here in ohio taking some classes that OBU didn’t offer this semester.  since she changed her major, her degree plan was a little off, so this should help get her back on track.  the biggest drawback though seems to be the COLD weather and SNOW!


saturday (jan 10) – we got a foot of snow and spent a good part of the day just trying to clear the driveway.  i can’t remember the last time i saw this much snow!  dad even busted out the snowblower!


sunday (jan 11) – i celebrated my birthday with my family (including my grandmother, who arrived the night before).  i got chicken and dumplins and really yummy turtle cake!  (not to mention some rockin candles!)


monday (jan 12) – emily’s birthday!  we all went out to an amazing japanese steakhouse, then came home for our favorite chocolate devils food cake (made with a secret ingredient – miracle whip!)  we both would have had this cake (it’s an old family recipe), but decided two of the same exact cake in the house at once might be a little much.  so i had to settle for turtle cake…darn!  so rough!  😉


tuesday (jan 13) – we spent the day out and about with our grandmother, then came home for em’s birthday dinner (a day late)…chicken cheese enchiladas.  after dinner, mal and dad spent awhile “talking” with izzy.  she loves talking these days!


wednesday (jan 14) – we got even more snow!  i’d guess we’re up to about 15 inches.  and the icicles around here are unbelievable.  here i am with a couple i pulled off the back doorway:


i haven’t gotten my photo for today just yet, so i’ll have to post it tomorrow.  that’s all for now.  g’night!

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more project 365

january 7:  switched my license from VA to OH, mere days before my VA license expired (on my 25th bday).  crazy.  i remember getting it when i turned 21 and thinking how long it would be before i needed a new one.  and now, here i am!


january 8:  em, mal and i spent the day taking down the tree and putting away all of the christmas decorations.  that is my LEAST favorite part of the season, but my mom was so glad we did and she didn’t have to!  and it’s been snowing for a couple of days now, so that makes everything a little better!  🙂


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sunday: em and i headed to target after lunch.  and it’s not a trip to target for us without a diet coke!


monday:  izzy got a little tired at her post by the window and took a bit of a nap


tuesday: my sisters and i (and izzy) went to the park and did a lil photo shoot.  this is one of my favorites!


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project 365

after thinking about it for quite sometime, i decided to take the plunge and attempt my own version of project 365.  basically, i’m going to (attempt to) take a photo every day of 2009.  then, every few days or so i’m going to post them on my blog.  i’m hoping it’ll be a fun way of recording all of the changes ahead in the next 362 days.  i started on jan. 1, so here’s what i’ve got so far:

january 1 – IKEA with my best college friends, Adrian and Lauren.  we had a stinkin’ FABULOUS time!!


january 2 – took Lauren back to the airport and officially ended our 25th birthday bash


january 3 – spent the day relaxing and hanging out with the fam.  also headed over to starbucks to read for awhile.  good times.  🙂


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