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the last stop on my journey was hannibal, missouri.  i had orginally planned to go from OK to hannibal on friday, but had to change my plans when my grandfather passed away.  while it was not the best of circumstances for being there, it was a wonderful time together with family.  i can’t remember the last time we were all together and it’s been even longer since we were all together for more than a day or so at a time.  i really enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone.

my grandmother with all of her grandkids and great-granddaughter


all of the cousins


my cousin’s daughter, ansley


my sisters and i



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after debriefing and one more night back in stafford, i flew to oklahoma where i got to meet up with some college roomies and eventually my sisters.  it was so good to see those girls again!  it was my first trip back to obu (or OK at all for that matter) since i graduated and i was thrilled to be back.  of course, the first stop was sonic!


about a day and a half after i got to OK, my sisters and i left to make our way up to my grandmother’s in Hannibal, MO.  along the way we stopped and had lunch with the Ostertags (missionaries i worked with in mexico) who were in the states for Christmas.  i was so happy to get to see them again!  i miss them (and the haynes) so much!!


mal was a bit cramped in the backseat of the car and none too happy about it…especially when our 9 hour trip turned into 14 because of bad weather.  but we finally made it and were so happy to get there!


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one of the favorite parts of my trip (though i thoroughly enjoyed all of the stops!) was the debriefing conference i went to.  i got to spend 3 days with most of the people i went through training with two years ago.  it was wonderful to sit around and hear everyone’s stories from their time in countries all over the world.  it was hard to believe how much time had passed since we’d seen one another and all of the places we’d been too since then.


we also got to revisit our favorite display of tacky christmas lights!  😀


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washington, dc

laura flew into DC a few days before we needed to head down to richmond for our conference, so we did a little sightseeing.  she had never toured the city and we had a fabulous (though cold!) day.




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my apologies for seriously neglecting my blog!  i can’t believe it’s been over a month since i last posted.  time certainly flies when you’re having fun!  i just got back from 3 weeks of traveling and figured i’d post a few pictures.  i’ll seperate them by stops on my journey.  first off – stafford, virginia.  i had such a good time seeing people i hadn’t seen in a couple of years.  i got to stay with a great friend, dawn, and visit with more people than i can even count.



i got to see a couple of friends from high school, matt and heather.  i hadn’t seen heather since she moved to morrocco with the peace corps 4 or 5 months before i left for mexico.  we had so much fun catching up!



i also got to see my high school science teacher, mrs. clark.  i so enjoyed getting to catch up with her, too!


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