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checking in…

wow, it’s hard to believe that i’ve been back over 3 weeks and haven’t updated!  things have been great since i’ve been back.  mostly i’ve been hanging out with my parents and just enjoying being in the good ‘ol US of A.  last weekend i got to go down to TN for a few days for a missions conference.  first, i headed up to Kingsport (where we used to live) and spent the night there, then i headed back to Knoxville.  it was a fast-paced, crazy trip but so so good.  i got to see tons of people in Kingsport that i hadn’t seen in 4 or 5 years and quite a few people in Knoxville/Powell that i had met in Guadalajara.  and since we all know pictures are more exciting than a long post, i’ll leave you with some pictures of my trip and also a few from the gorgeous trees that greeted me here in ohio a couple of weeks ago.  hasta luego!

this is Patsy.  she was one of the secretaries at our church in miami and i’ve known her since i was 3 years old!  not long after we moved to TN, so did her family and she wound up working as a secretary in our church there.  i hadn’t seen her in 5 years, so i was thrilled to get to spend the morning hanging out in her office!


when we lived in Kingsport, we spend almost every Friday night with our great family friends, the Lanes.  i really enjoyed getting to stay with them while I was in town (even if it was only for one night!) and spend some time hanging out.  i really miss them!


one of the best parts of going to Powell, of course, was seeing Laura!  it had only been a couple of weeks since we’d seen each other but felt like an eternity when we were used to seeing one another every day!november-2008-185-copy

i couldn’t believe it when i showed up at FBC Powell and saw Melanie.  We met at FPO two years ago and she just returned from Nigeria.  we had so much fun hanging out and seeing one another again!november-2008-193-copy1november-2008-190-copy1



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