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in just about an hour and a half i’ll be leaving for the airport to fly back to the states (i’ll already be well on my way by the time most of you read this). i can’t believe it. reality hasn’t quite hit me yet except for a few moments every now then. i dropped izzy off at the airport this afternoon (she had to be there early to get through all of the customs stuff), then spent the day with the Haynes, had dinner with them, Laura, and the Ostertags and have spent the rest of the night packing. rather than only sleeping for an hour or so, i decided to just stay up all night (getting up at 3 am just didn’t seem worth it!) and here i am. i’ve got just a few things left to do and i’ll be ready. it just doesn’t seem real. i told becky the other day, i don’t even really remember life before i knew and loved this city. it’s only been 3 1/2 years since i first came, but it feels like forever. this is home. and leaving home is hard. and yet i know the Lord has so much in store for me and i really am excited. i will miss this…this city, this house, these people, but i am looking forward to all that is in store. it’s been quite a journey to get to this moment and i expect nothing less in the coming days. and oh has it been good!


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